15. – 18.08.2021: Rough-toothed dolphins, Bottlenose & Striped dolphins, Bryde’s whale & Pilot whales

Sightings August 15th till 18th, 2021 – Valle Gran Rey: In the last days we saw again many different cetaceens: Rough-toothe dolphins, Striped dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Pilot Whales and Bryde’s Whales.

Sightings detailed

15.08.: Rough-toothed dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins
16.08.: Bottlenose dolphins, Bryde’s whales and Pilot whales
17.08.: Bottlenose dolphins and Bryde’s whales
18.08.: Striped dolphins and Pilot whales

Rough-toothed dolphin

Striped dolphin La Gomera

Recent sightings off the coast of La Gomera