2014 – Problems with phone reception in Valle Gran Rey

Since June 2014 we have serious problems with the phone reception in Valle Gran Rey again, due to a broken antenna in La Calera.

Unfortunately there was a fire in the techniques box which makes the use of it impossible.

Fast interim solution

This time it took only short time to find a temporary solution. Within days, a mobile replacement antenna was set up in Lomo del Riego, at the bus station.
Unfortunately, the device has not enough power to provide phone reception for the entire lower valley. Therefore, in some districts there is phone reception, but not everywhere and not always equally strong.

The affected zones of Valle Gran Rey

Affected by the weak cell phone reception are mainly the lower districts of Valle Gran Rey. From La Calera up to the Upper Valley you will not be affected by this problem.

In ther areas with low reception, there is often enough to send or receive a text message, but often not enough to make calls. In La Playa and Vueltas unfortunately there are corners where you can#t get any cell phone reception.

Normal phone use is possible almost everywhere in Borbalan, in La Puntilla and on the road between La Playa and La Puntilla.

Get in contact with us

How long it will take until a permanent solution for the defective cellular antenna found, is unknown. If you have problems to reach us by phone, it is precisely because of this problem. Therefore contact with us via the contact form.

Or, if you are in Valle Gran Rey, come visit us in the harbor. In our office you will find us always between 9.30 am till 1.30pm and in the afternoon from 6.00pm till 8.00pm. We look forward to your visit!

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