Sighting 29.01.2016: hundreds of Atlantic spotted dolphins and Pilot whales

It was an awesome show which the guests on board of the Speedy boat could experience today. Shortly after leaving the port in Valle Gran Rey we met hundreds of Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Our guests didn’t know where to look first, there were so many of these beautiful Atlantic spotted dolphins. Amused they swam along the boat and jumped out of the water.

Further along our Whale Watching tour, only a few minutes later, off the coast of the beach Playa La Negra we saw a separated group of Pilot whales.

On our way back to the port of Valle Gran Rey our guests got to see the Osprey too, which was flying in circles around his nest in the cliffs. A perfect finish for a very nice Whale Watching Tour.

Whales and Dolphins of La Gomera

Recent sightings off the coast of La Gomera