Sightings 18th January 2016: Bryde’s whales, Bottlenose & Atlantic spotted dolphins

They are still here these gentle giants… Today we sighted three Bryde’s whales, also Bottlenose dolphins and innumerable Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Today was a very lucky day for our guests on board of the Speedy boat. It´s been a while since we saw the last Bryde’s whales off the coast of La Gomera and today we even got to see three of these beautiful marine giants.

They came very close to the boat and presented themselves from all sides, it was marvellous.

Going ahead along the south coast of La Gomera we also met Bottlenose dolphins and a huge school of Atlantic spotted dolphins. It was a day of spectacular sightings and with very happy Speedy guests.

Whales and Dolphins of La Gomera

Recent sightings off the coast of La Gomera