Contingency plan and Cleaning protocol for Speedy Adventure. Information on Corona / COVID-19.

For disinfection to protect against the spread of Corona / Covid-19 we use the following cleaning products on the boat and in the office:

1. Viricitol (viricidal disinfectant with 70% alcohol) – The formula of Viricitol is in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as the Spanish Ministry of Health.

2. Chlorine cleaner Lejía (Recommended quantity 20 ml in 1 litre of water)

Contingency plan SPEEDY-ADVENTURE

1. Before the excursion:

  • Disinfect your hands (we have hydroalcoholic outside the office)
  • All passengers have to fill out the form with their ID and signature
  • Payment by card is preferable
  • Keep a safety distance from other passengers before boarding

2. During the excursion:

  • It is mandatory to wear the mask covering the mouth and nose
  • Movements on board have to be clockwise
  • Avoid moving around too much and respect the distance to other passengers
  • Hands should be disinfected frequently (hydrogel is located next to
    captain on the right)
  • The bench behind the captain has to stay free for passengers who are seasick
  • In case of seasickness the captain has a sickness kit. The used and closed seasickness bag is to be put inside the zip-bag, which is then to be closed and thrown away
  • During the swim stop in the cove you have to keep the safety distance (passengers have to stay close to the boat, it is not allowed to swim to the coast)
  • You must always follow the captain’s instructions

3. At the end of the tour:

  • When back in the port, at the time of disembarking, you must disinfect your hands before climbing the stairs
  • Please be careful on the stairs so you don’t slip!

We wish you a pleasant tour!

Our cleaning protocol for your safety with us


  • Before opening, clean the benches and counter with Viricitol (70% alcohol-based cleaner)
  • Place hydrogel in the holder
  • Preparation of the list with the consent form for the passengers
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for every member of the team


  • Cleaning the floor and seats with Viricitol (70% alcohol-based cleaner) and with Lejía chlorine cleaner (20 ml in 1 litre of water)
  • Clean the rubber with soap
  • Cleaning of the steel with Viricitol, also the ladder of the quay wall

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Here you can find information from the World Health Organization (WHO) on safety measures against Corona / COVID-19.